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Gallery of  My Half Dolls

Half dolls are just one of my hobbies.   I also love embroidery, miniatures and lace making.   Scroll down to see some of my creations below, including half dolls and miniatures.  To see the creations of other talented ladies go to Gallery 2


There are many, many uses for half dolls, the most pleasurable being for arty people who enjoy any type of needlework....Knitting with Beads, Needlework, Cross Stitch, Crazy Patchwork, Silk Ribbon work, Smocking and in fact all types of embroidery........You are limited only by your imagination.


  Scroll down below to see how many different types of needlework can be used to create your very own pincushion doll

My Half Dolls

BeadedBelles Clementine Christina MissLucy2 Suzanne
AbigailXstitch Tassels 3 Ladies Florence2 Rosetassel


Go to Gallery 2 to see the  costumed half dolls created by many talented artists


Just a few of my Miniatures

Miniature doll Miniatures  Mini1   minis7 minis5
mini3 minis6 13267   roccoco palace mini shop
babytime hats3 hats2   hats hats4