Gallery 2

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Click on the thumbnails below to see the wonderful collections of my half dolls costumed by very talented ladies


  The dolls to the right have been beautifully dressed and made into working lamps by very talented Mi KYoung Mi2   Mi3   Mi4   Mibronte    Mi1 




 Debbie's dolls have  all been costumed with beautifully bead knitted skirts and pincushions                                   DebbieB1   debbieB2   DebbieB3   DebbieB4  




Talented Debbie has made her dolls look absolutely fabulous in her special designs   DebbieSLillianRose   DebbieSMary DebbieSCharlotte   DebbieSMarcia   DebbieSHollie      




 Rosella has a superb collection of half dolls, all with beautifully cross stitched skirts

RosellaSteph   RosellaJoanne   Rosella1   Rosellagroup   RosellaFlorence




I love Rita's dolls, all dressed in really striking colours




Click on Sherri's photo (R) to see the stunning cross stitch skirt she has stitched.





The dolls to the right show part of Joanne and her Mum's wonderful collection of half dolls, all with bead knitted skirts    

JoanneClementine1   JoanneJuliette   Joanne4   JoanneLydia   JoanneCamilla
Joanne6   JoanneFaith   oanneBride   JOanne4   JoanneLamour




Denise's beautiful dolls show  a variety in bead knitting styles, plus a pincushion skirt
DeniseAntionette DeniseNorma DeniseBridget DeniseClementine DeniseClementine




 Louise is a lady with style, immaculately dressed by Ele                                   Louise by Ele              




To the right is Julie's
fabulous creation. She has
dressed Lynne in pretty mauve




The dolls to the right were all beautifully dressed in various styles by some delightful, talented ladies from Geraldton

GeroEllen GeraldJoanne GeraldRose GeraldtonSophie




Donna  designed and cross  stitched these gorgeous skirts for her little ladies                                  Donna2   Donna3   Donna4   Donna4   Donna 1




                                               Talented Beryl  designed and knitted all of the stunning skirts for her lovely little ladies

  BerylBridget   BerylGloria   BerylLamour     BerylBridget2   BerylAndrea




Doreen has knitted these beautiful beaded skirts for her collection of dolls    DoreenCharlotte   DoreenAlberta   Doreen2   DoreenPrudence   DoreenCindy




The dolls to the right belong to very talented Glennys      

GlennysLamour GlynnysGloria   GlynnisLamour   GlennysFaith   GlennysJuliette




Rose's beautiful collection shows a large variety of skirt styles for half dolls

RoseV1   RoseVCeline   RoseVAngelique   RoseV3   RoseVCatherine
RoseVSuzanne   RoseVMeridith   RoseVBelinda   RoseVCamilla   RoseVEleanor




Wouldn't we all love to own this beautiful collection of Miriam's little ladies

Miriam2   MiriamCasandra   MiriamFlorence   MiriamClementine   MiriamAntionette
MiriamCassandra   MiriamSuzanne   MiriamSylvia   MiriamAbigail   MiriamLucy




 Very talented Emily dressed this fabulous collection of dolls

EmilySylvia   emily7   Emily1   EmilyLamour   EmilyMarilyn  




Nicky has dressed her beautiful dolls with bead knitted skirts and has also used egg crafting for one of her creations

Nicky6   NickyCaroline   Nicky8   Nicky7 nicky3    
Nicky4   Nickyb   nicky2   nickyprudence      




The 2 dolls to the right, both dressed in gorgeous pastel and subtle skirts belong to Bella

Bella1 Bella2
        The dolls to the right were beautifully designed and stitched by Eva
Eva1 Eva2 eva3  




The skirts of the 4 dolls to the right were beautifully knitted by Joan

joancharlotte JOan3 joan4 Dorietta's doll (R) has been dressed with a really lovely full skirt





Jen who is a talented embroiderer, stitched some really fabulous skirts for her little ladies

Jen1 Jen2 Jen3 Jen back





Lisa's dolls look very special in their bead knitted skirts



Therese chose lovely mauve for her Florence





Jenny has made a superb tassel and pincushion skirts  for her lovely dolls

Jenny1 Jenny3 Jenny2   Muriel's Faith looks lovely in her bead knitted skirt





Wendy made these beautiful skirts for Clara, Juliette, Ellen and Laura

Wendy1 wendy2 Wendy3 Wendy4

  Frances has made a beautiful pin cushion for her Suzanne (R) Frances1




Check out this gorgeous half doll pincushion/ettui made by Autumn


  Mary's Rose (R) is adorable in her lacy bead knitted skirt                                        





Lynette's 3 dolls are beautifully costumed in their bead knitted skirts




 This lovely collection of dolls belongs to Marg and Toni