Petite Porcelain Dolls

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Half  Dolls were very popular at the beginning of the 1900s.  They graciously adorned items such as pincushions, tassels, tea cosies, lamps, feather dusters and much more

I currently have  dolls for sale on my For Sale page.

                                                       Pincushion Half Dolls    

If you would like to create a stunning heirloom and you love needlepoint, cross stitch, bead knitting, silk ribbon work, patchwork, quilting, in fact any types of needlework, you can use your creative skills to dress one of these lovely half dolls.  The list is endless and your creativity is only limited by your imagination.


Making dolls is just one of my many hobbies.  If you love half dolls, miniature dolls, cross stitch, bead knitting check out my gallery page.


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